Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair

Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair

Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair


Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair is a popular gaming president company that innovated in 2014 in Singapore. It’s snappily grown to one of the assiduity leaders, producing comfortable chairpersons at multiple price points. Secretlab has also expanded into gaming divisions and other accessories, including everything from office mats to RGB lighting. Moment’s content is a Secretlab president review- the rearmost Titan Evo 2023, to be precise.

It expands on the former Titan series president models and draws further alleviation from the Omega series. It’s big, sturdy, and comes with attractions! And its unique accouterments give it an edge over the competition.

Similarly, it has six diverse broad differences – three for size and three for the type of material. When we comprise the different colors and special editions, the possible combinations increase severely. It does not get further luxurious than that have a look at the interesting features of the gaming chair mentioned below, and you will come to know more about Secretlab Titan Evo.

Color Of Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair

The Secretlab Titan Evo is available in all your desired colors. The dark bright black colors are the most astonishing ones. Most gamers choose black colored chairs for aesthetic vibes.

Comfort Of Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is clearly made comfortable enough to let you do so with luxury. The covering of the foam and cushions are soft, supportive, and firm. There is also ample to correct everything from height to backrest angle to lumbar support. The dummy leather, R- sized Titan EVO we tested is sturdy, comfortable, and indeed slightly easier to assemble than utmost gaming chairpersons.

Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair Is Large And Solid

The extensive mass of the Titan Evo 2022 is perfect when it comes to keeping the chair where you want to. No matter how violently you trickle down your chair, it’s staying in the same position unless you move or drag it, so you don’t have to worry about losing the impeccable viewing angle or readjusting your mouse.

Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming Chair In All Sizes

Titan Evo 2022 is a single series of equally furnished gaming chairs that is available in three sizes: S, R, and XL. If you talk about S sized chair, it has a 17.7-inch seat width, is acceptable for people of 4’11 and 5’6 in height, and has a weight of 200 pounds approximately.

The R-sized chair has 18.5-inch seat width and is recommended for people of 5’7 and 6’2, and has weight up to 220 pounds. Lastly, the XL chair is for those people with a weight of 395 and a height of between 5’11 and 6’9. The width of the seat is 19.3 inches approx.

Easy To Assemble

Secretlab Titan EVO has metal plates on its back having the screw holes attached to hinges on the chair’s bottom. This only is a nice variation from having holes concealed under the chair’s material as most gaming chairs do. Since you don’t need to dig the bolt in and twist it around until it correctly catches.
At the right side of the chair, there is a metal joint support that makes it even easier to align the holes and screw in the bolts. The plastic covers the joints magnetically attach to the chair. So there is no need for tiny screws to keep the hinges looking neat and tidy.

The Power of Magnets

One of the best features of Secretlabs is that magnet power is used to adjust the pillow. The magnets’ suitability doesn’t stop there. A magnet is there which supports arranging or attaching a pillow to the headrest. This makes the pillow somehow easier to adjust, so there are no worries about an elastic belt down of the chair.

Secretlab Titan EVO_gaming chair

Plenty of Adjustments

In Secretlab there is no longer a separate lumbar support cushion with its Titan chairs. Instead of that, the establishment has built the lumbar support through a handle that adjusts the chair’s firmness where it hits your lower back. Another handle is there for the support that adjusts the lumbar support’s height. The handle-based lumbar support is delicate as compared to using a separate cushion. Moreover, the Titan EVO holds all of the usual twists you’d expect in a gaming chair. You can move the armrests up, down, left, right, forward, and backward. you can also change the height of the chair with the rotation of a lever and an alteration of your weight.

You can easily adjust the back of the chair forward or backward by pulling another pedal on the seat’s right side. Finally, you can freely tilt back the entire chair, or lock at a given angle. Lastly, the base of the chair is of sturdy aluminum instead of plastic, and extensively features firm, rubberier wheels that can efficiently roll on carpet.

The Newest Materials

Secretlab merged elusive design elevations into the Titan EVO 2022’s materials, in addition to the latest functional features. The design of the seat is by new “pebble seat” with a flatter gradient than before.

Somewhat this gaming chair is more comfortable.

Expectedly, the Titan EVO 2022 is a comfortable chair, like its prototypes. The material and design both are up to the mark. Furthermore, you will notice no slight embarrassments like rough-rolling wheels, noisy leather, or curving armrests. You will find each part turdy and faultless. You have two choices while buying this special product, both of which are Secretlab’s newest performances of the accouterments. On the faux-leather side, the Titan EVO 2022 uses Secretlab’s NEO mongrel material which the company says is 12 times more long-lasting and strong than regular PU leather.

It’s smooth, sturdy, and more comfortable and it presumably holds up well. Both the seat and chair back use the same cold-cure foam Secretlab has been putting in its chairs for years. The material is firm without being too hard. Thoroughly fills the chair with no noticeable thin padding suspended over the frame; every surface you sit against is solid foam.


This latest model holds acceptable features that any gaming chair possesses. Firstly, it is a new version of a well-designed gaming chair. Secondly, Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 is more comfortable. Magnet-supported pillows and high-quality PU leather and a smooth, sturdy seat add more comfort to the product. Moreover, you can fold it the way you want. This can be used for office sitting as well. Last but not least, you can easily drag it from one place to another without any difficulty.

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